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Its The Economy, Stupid.

Its The Economy, Stupid.

The economy is facing its most serious crisis in years. Questions is: where is the public anger over job loss and falling incomes? The answer perhaps lies in this weekly Straight Bat video blog!

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  • Indeed, it is the economy stupid. As good reasons as anyone could come up with. But as the subtext of your vlog is less concerned about the economy and more concerned with why there is no unrest or dip in Modi’s popularity even when the economy is tanking let me suggest an explanation we must looking for. What are the alternative policy prescriptions floated by the opposition? Politics is about competing visions. Rahul’d videos are not alternative visions. At best they are critivism for criticism sake. Where are the ideas? Even if the ideas are borrowed. If solution is Keynesian then the govt has been spending money it does not have. Is it spending enough? Perhaps not. Is it spending rural areas yes. Is there enough spending in urban areas? Again perhaps not. You had Professor Basu the other day on your show. He did not have any clear alternative to what the government was doing already. Criticism can only go so far. The real deal is what alternative vision you bring to the table.

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