• No Ram or Rafale, the Rozi Roti election in MP

    In the age of T-20 style elections -- instant opinion, shoot and scoot polls and parachute reporting -- it is increasingly difficult to confidently

  • DeMo@2: What's to 'celebrate'?

    For a government which has mastered the art of event management and never missed an opportunity to ‘celebrate’ a slew of anniversaries, there has

  • CBI's 'War': Gujarat Model comes to Delhi

    In the 70 mm cacophonic build up to the 2014 general elections, a recurring theme was the hype around the so-called 'Gujarat model'.

  • Rahul Gandhi's 'Test' Now

    For four years and a bit, every time there has been a major state election, the dominant narrative is to call it a ‘test’ for prime minister Narend




The 2014 Indian general elections has been regarded as the most important elections in Indian history since 1977.
A parable on the limitations of vision and the dark side of love. This book presents a story of life's distorted perceptions
These are stories of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary work for our society and our nation.