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As India enters its 75th year of independence, it’s a fitting time to unveil a dream of a ‘better’ India. An India where harmony prevails over hate; where those who target any citizen for their religion, caste, community, region, are prosecuted and convicted for hate speech. Hate cannot be ‘normalised’ in any manner or the culture of impunity promoted under the guise of tedious what-aboutery of competing religious identities.

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In the last few days, the national media has been abuzz with ‘Snoop-gate’ or Pegasus-gate, the data leaks from India and across the world that suggest that thousands of phone lines were being tracked by an Israeli spyware Pegasus. I am not surprised by the revelations, what I am honestly surprised by is that so many people are surprised by it. Anyone who has been involved in tracking the Indian government will know that we have long lived with a state that snoops on its citizens.