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Today, the curious story of a constitutional functionary who with his controversial utterances has done what no one else in the government system has dared to do: publicly take on prime minister Modi. That’s right, 76 year old Satyapal Malik, the Meghalaya governor has gone where others would fear to tread. He has actually called out the prime minister in a public fora, accusing him of an ‘arrogance’ in dealing with the farmer protests and suggested that he is out of touch with reality.

Prayer for India in 2022

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As a difficult and turbulent year draws to a close, here is a prayer for a ‘better’ India in 2022.

An India where our political leadership will walk the talk on issues of critical public importance. Where you can’t ask people to mask up, maintain physical distancing and strict discipline and yet choose to be personally reckless in not observing Covid protocols during election campaigns.

A Not So Merry Xmas

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It’s xmas weekend and so first off, a merry xmas and happy new year to all. And yet, this is in some way, a not so merry xmas., not just because of the return of COVID in the guise of Omicron but also because in this wonderful land of ours, it’s not just Muslims who are being ‘othered’ but Christians too. That’s right, in this very week where we should be celebrating Santa and the spirit of Christmas, we have a not so nice narrative in our midst: that of Christianity being seen through the lens of conversion. This week, a bill was tabled in the Karnataka assembly that polices and criminalises conversions with draconian punishments.


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Kaun Banega Captain in Indian cricket is often almost as dramatic a story as Kaun banega Pradhan mantra.. which is why I thought that this is a good week to talk about whats become a major talking point in Indian cricket; is there an ongoing battle between Indian test captain Virat Kohli and the BCCI leadership led by Sourav Ganguly and BCCI secretary Jay Shah.