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Idea Of India Debate – Shashi Tharoor & Swapan Dasgupta

Idea Of India Debate – Shashi Tharoor & Swapan Dasgupta

As India celebrates 74th Independence day, has the vision of its founding mothers and father been diluted or is the new India idea building simply a better India for tomorrow. What about the Constitutional morality? Is the Ambedkarite vision of the Constitution under threat or has it been fulfilled? Are there any majoritarian prejudices in the country today? Does every citizen in the country share equal rights? Is the vision still dominated by the Nehruvian notion or has PM Modi’s “new India” taken over? Is the CAA a religious test for citizenship in India?

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Das Gupta and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor join India Today TV to debate on the current “idea of India”. While Shashi Tharoor said that India is “celebrating majoritarian bigotry”, Swapan Das Gupta said that there are equal citizenship and rights –“now marked by the abrogation of Article 370”. India will observe its 74th Independence day on Saturday, August 15. Preparations are in full swing across the country to mark the occasion. Security has been beefed up at various places.

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