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India-China Tension केबीच GDP Growth पर Manmohan
India-China Tension केबीच GDP Growth पर Manmohan सरकार को Follow कर ऐसे Economy बचा सकते हैं PM Modi

Data released by the MoS showed that India’s GDP growth rate had contracted by 23.9%…

Modi, shah के नए दांव, Manmohan singh, Rahul Gandhi का नया काम, Triple Talaq Bill की एक गलती

Neta Nagri, new political discussion series of the Lallantop, where saurabh dwivedi and Rajdeep Sardesai…

25 years of Manmohanomics: Thank you Doc!

“I honestly believe that history will be kinder to me than the contemporary media, or…

Life with Didi

Interviewing some politicians can be injurious to health at times. Over the years, I have had the good fortune of interviewing almost all the country’s top netas. Each one poses a different challenge, but few can be as difficult as Mamata Banerjee. At a personal level, Didi has been good to me: she has cooked a Bengali meal for me, makes it a point to call up during Pujo, and even sent me a tin of rosogullas once for my birthday!

From rumble to a roar

At a seminar in Delhi a few years ago, a soft-spoken, petite woman in a…