Maharashtra Elections

It’s the Opposition, stupid!

So here is the paradox of our times. Read the business pages, and there is…

There is Fadnavis Only

A curious election littered with many firsts is taking place in Maharashtra. A 49 year…

Thank you Mr Pillai

There are moments in life which touch the soul almost unknowingly. Over the weekend, I was in Mumbai for my book promotional tour. The venue was Crossword book store at Kemps Corner, a wonderful place for bibliophiles in the heart of South Mumbai. I spent an hour talking and taking questions on my book. It was hugely energising to sit amidst book lovers.

A Book is not a tweet

We live in a world of 140 characters; where twitter is the new conversation, where attention spans are often reduced to a nano-second, where a 15 second soundbite is seen to be a substitute for a profound observation, where ‘Hell Yeah’ trends for days! In this age, is there space for a 135,000 word, 350 page book?

Why Modi-Shah duo will win Maharashtra

Political judgements based on opinion polls are hazardous at the best of times, but when there is a five-cornered fight like in Maharashtra, pollsters are often whistling in the dark. There were almost 50 constituencies in Maharashtra in 2009 where the margin was less than 5,000 votes, making any conclusive poll prediction a nightmare. And yet, let me stick my neck out on my home state: The BJP will be almost certainly the single-largest party and, in fact, should get a clear majority.

Countdown to Maharashtra elections begins

Countdown to Maharashtra elections has begun, however, the picture is not clear yet. Shiv Sena-BJP…