Of Muslim and Dalit Lives in Yogi’s UP

Long before Boolgarhi village in Hathras, there was Bisada village in Dadri. Exactly five years…

Gau Rakshaks are Anti Dalit: why BJP should worry

One of the lesser known facts perhaps of the 2002 Gujarat riots is that Dalits…

Roger Forever!

Like millions across the world, the Wimbledon men’s singles final had me transfixed with rising emotional fervour. It’s been a bit of a ritual stretching back to the late 1970s: watching the finals with family and friends. Remember those glorious Borg vs McEnroe finals in black and white on Doordarshan where suddenly in the middle of a tense moment the TV signal would go on blink with a ‘rukavat ke liye khed hai’ plastered on your screen? We are now in the age of 60 inch mega screen TVs with HD sound and much more. They even take you into the players’ locker rooms (well, almost) and the camera is able to catch every grin and grimace in close-up.