• Modi govt at 3: Caught between As, Bs, and almost a C!

    In the world we live in, where nuance has little space, and where the news and instant opinion is polarised in black and white terms, I am dubbed, for better or worse, a Narendra Modi critic when all I am is a journalist in the trenches observing the unfolding events before me. I guess the fact that I covered the 2002 riots and its aftermath in Gujarat have left me stamped for life as a journalist who is a permanent Modi baiter. After all, like it or not, Gujarat 2002 was Modi's darkest hour and the fact that the chief minister was unable to rein in the rioters, a majority of whom owed allegiance to the wider sangh parivar to which Mr Modi belongs, will go down as a black mark in his political

  • Boycott Pakistani Mogambos on TV!

    Last night, I was watching a familiar face from Pakistan venting bile on

  • Kashmir: putting Indians first

    The reality in Kashmir has always been crazily complex: this isn't some

  • Thank god for cricket

    There must be a world beyond Yogi Adityanath I keep telling myself.



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