Targeting news channels has become shooting practice, even a business model for some. Politicians abuse us, social media outrages against us, even media watchdog sites love to hang anchors out to dry. Truth is, for television news journalism, these are the best and worst of times. We are still a first information report for news, but also increasingly seen as non-credible. We have seen both sides of the multi-headed ‘monster’ that 24x7 news TV has become in the last week: There is a face of TV news which is ugly, one which can be beneficial.


Every 26/11, I offer a silent prayer for the victims of the Mumbai terror attack. Like so many south Mumbaikars, I felt directly connected to the act of terror. A school friend Sunil Parekh died in the attack while dining with his wife at the Oberoi; a college friend Ashok Kamte was one of the senior police officers who was killed; Sabina Sehgal Saikia had been a colleague at the Times of India and Ashok Kapur, a member of our club, Bombay Gymkhana, was also shot dead.



The 2014 Indian general elections has been regarded as the most important elections in Indian history since 1977.
A parable on the limitations of vision and the dark side of love. This book presents a story of life's distorted perceptions
These are stories of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary work for our society and our nation.