“Everybody loves a good drought” was award-winning journalist P Sainath’s rather intriguingly titled book a few years ago on rural poverty. In the last few weeks, even prime time television that has otherwise little space for rural India has “discovered” problems of water scarcity and farm suicides. Not because we’ve suddenly found an attachment to the faceless kisan but because images of parched earth and taps running dry can be deliciously contrasted with cheerleaders, celebrity cricketers and corporate czars at Indian Premier League games.

A Mahabharata is being played out in Maharashtra even before Election Day. For the BJP Shiv Sena alliance, it's all about kaun banega mukhya mantri. The saffron alliance knows its in pole position to capture power, but wants something more: it wants the kursi of the chief minister.



The 2014 Indian general elections has been regarded as the most important elections in Indian history since 1977.
A parable on the limitations of vision and the dark side of love. This book presents a story of life's distorted perceptions
These are stories of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary work for our society and our nation.