Thank god for cricket

There must be a world beyond Yogi Adityanath I keep telling myself. For the last…

Azad: Hero or Zero?

My cricket memories of Kirti Azad are of him clean bowling Ian Botham with a…

Enemy No. 1

One ball to go, four to get. Millions on either side of the Line of…

A son remembers his father

A recent piece on my late father in the Wisden India Almanac was titled Luck by Talent. And that, perhaps, exemplifies Dilip Sardesai’s story.

One-day cricket’s AstroTurf moment

The 2015 World Cup was fast and furious. But was it really cricket as we knew the sport, and will Team India be able to compete in a new universe where the most important skill set is just raw power?

Losing semi-final is not ‘national shame’, farmer suicide is

On the night before India’s World Cup semi-finals with Australia, I innocently tweeted: ‘Heart with…

Game is to hide: Srinivasan symbolic of deeper rot

Prime time news television thrives on the idea of a daily enemy, someone who can be court-martialled every night and then pronounced guilty by the news anchor playing the double role of judge and prosecutor. Politicians are the staple accused, but in the last 18 months our netas have had competition from a cricket official. In news television’s imagination, N Srinivasan has come to exemplify the rot in the country’s number one sport and there have been loud calls for his removal from the cricket board.


A Mahabharata is being played out in Maharashtra even before Election Day. For the BJP Shiv Sena alliance, it’s all about kaun banega mukhya mantri. The saffron alliance knows its in pole position to capture power, but wants something more: it wants the kursi of the chief minister.

Reverse sweepstakesC

My father was obviously born in the wrong generation. For his first Test for the…